The Rear View Mirror - Bonnie Mullens

March 7, 1936—

• As a result of a mad dog scare in McGregor last week approximately 25 dogs were destroyed. All dogs had to kept up and not allowed to run loose.
• Hering Motor Company moved into the building formerly occupied by McGregor Motor Company.
• McGregor farmers in the McGregor Chamber of Commerce cash onion crop project planted nearly every available cultivated plot of an a one or more in and around McGregor to create another money crop for the community.
• Virginia Ford was MHS tennis champion. Other strong competitors were Elizabeth Cavitt, Eugenia Lee, Margaret Hanover, Dawn Isbill and Martha Williams.

March 8, 1946—

• Bluebonnet Food Store opened under the ownership of Bob Neff.
• City candidates included A.C. Amsler for mayor and J.A. Naler and Cavitt Caufield for commissioners.
• The Ritz Theatre completed installation of the latest type projector machine, sound, base stands and arc lighting. The Ritz with these new machines could boast of being one of the best equipped picture houses in the state.
• Showing at The Texas Theatre was Walt Disney’s first feature animated movie, “Snow White.”
• B.J. Allen announced his candidacy for Justice of the Peace for Precinct 5. He was appointed to fill the unexpired term of W.A. Hamilton.
• A page advertisement explained OPA’s war-time pricing was one of four reasons why there was no lumber available for home building.

March 5, 1956—

• Garnet Morgan was elected Chief Engineer of the McGregor Volunteer Fire Department.
• Construction of a $25,000 ranch style office building for Bluebonnet Farm was started at the entrance of the Work Center of the Bluebonnet area.
• Welfare Society of McGregor was organized by two McGregor housewives Mrs. J.B. Leutwyler and Mrs. Jack Grider to help supplement the city’s welfare committee.
• McGregor school board members were pictured on page on inviting the community to visit the schools during public school week. Trustees pictured were Walter Witte, F.C. Luedtke, Howard Fall, Carl Duke, Alex Zacharias, Bill Bohne and Marsh Crouch.

March 8, 1966—

• Frank Graves Body Works opened at 1025 Highway 84. He advertised he had nine years experience (three in McGregor) with all types of body work and painting and guaranteed quality work.
• Dr. Eddie Payne, McGregor veterinarian, was pictured giving rabies shots during his annual rabies clinic.
• Filing for city and school board positions were: City—Herb Williams for Mayor, George Stone, John Hendrickson, Bob Silliman, Olin Tippit. For school board were Harold Stewart, Jim Darnell, Raymond Mattiza and Wilburn Lane.

March 7, 1976—

• Crawford Pirettes went to the state basketball championship losing 49 to 53 to Neches. Their record was 42-4. The team was coached by Bill Farney.
• MHS Junior Class put on “Hillbilly Wedding.” Cast members were Buddy Robertson, Mike Williams, Jerry Patrick, Scott Seawright, Donna Reese, Patricia Carr, Debbie Englebrecht, Brenda Howard, Lisa Scott, Julie Marshall, Sherri Tullous, Tami Mize, Kathy Sweatt, Jay Beasley, Felix Jones, Brett Kruse and Dalton Kidd.
• McGregor Men’s Store advertised plaid leisure suits in the new spring line.
• MHS stage band won first place at UIL contest.
• F.C. Luedtke was presented a plaque for outstanding service at the McGregor Chamber of Commerce banquet. Felix Morris was presented the Jaycee Distinguished Service Award.
• American Freedom Train passed through McGregor with the replica of the Liberty Bell aboard. A large crowd was on hand to welcome it as it went through town.

March 10, 1986—

• More than 500 McGregorites showed up to celebrate the Texas Sesquicelebration.
• MOC teachers joined others around the state taking the teacher competency test.
• MHS students named to all district basketball teams included Cindy Roberson, Francis Miller, Pat Jones and Derick Scott.
• South Bosque County Water brought in 19 new customers.
• Tracy Spohn won the calf scramble at Houston.
• Crawford School Board sold $1.27 million bonds for an interest rate of 7.894.
• McGregor citizens made a Sesquicentennial quilt and it was displayed in the county courthouse. Frances Hudson spearheaded the project.

March 7, 1996—

• Bonnie Mullens was named Outstanding Citizen at the Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet. This was a second generation award, as her father Thomas E. Mooney was presented with the first Outstanding Citizen Award 19 years earlier in 1977.
• Twelve-year-old Matt Anderson was to spend the summer in Australia in the role of student ambassador.
• Valentine Kings and Queens at Victory Chapel included Mylar Walker and Cheyenne Niemeier, Keri Brookshire and Brady Tieben, Katelyn Salter, Ashton Luckie and Travis Lawson.
• McGregor High School varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders for the next school year were named. Varsity cheerleaders included: Angie Beasley, Shelley Dietzman, Marcie Hannemann, Brandy Hemphill, Christy Leos, Brandy Richardson, Shamika Smith and Allison Wiethorn. Junior Varsity cheerleaders included: Kristy Boehme, Shawn Boswell, Lacey Brown, Crystal Cotti, Lauren Key and Laurie Leonard.

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