Mullen It Over - Bonnie Mullens


A favorite segment of the Art Linkletter television show was “Kids say the darndest things.” You just never knew what his guests were going to tell him. The following story falls into that category.
Seven-year-old Justin Bennett, son of Craig and Amanda Bennett of McGregor, was having a snack with his family at Sonic recently. His parents had ordered the children drinks and fries. Justin had requested Sweet Tea.
When the drinks were passed out Justin says, “Momma, my tea doesn’t have any sugar in it.”
She tasted it. Her taste buds confirmed that it didn’t have much sugar in it, but there was some. She told her son, “Justin, yes it does . . . just drink it.”
A couple seconds later he got all excited and asked, “Momma, when does it get dark?”, to which his mom replied, “In about an hour.”
Justin sets his tea down and says, “Then I’m waiting to drink it.”
His mom inquires why.
His eyes were all big and he says “Look” and pointed at the sign that was on the wall of Sonic . . .
The sign read, “It gets sweeter after dark.”
It was hard for his mom to keep her laughter down, because she could tell her son really believed it would get sweeter.
* * * * * *
Martha Moyer, a long time member and volunteer with McGregor EMS came into The Mirror Tuesday morning. She was distressed about the fate of McGregor EMS, the volunteer ambulance service. She said the service was down to six volunteers. When it started in 1978, 46 citizens answered the call, and some are still involved.
It was hard for me to believe the number of volunteers had gotten so low, and I was amazed that they have been able to continue to this point with such low numbers. When I was a member in the 1980s and 1990s, the volunteers numbered in the high 20s and many of us were still running several shifts a week in order to cover the seven day and night shifts.
Several years ago McGregor EMS had to go to paid daytime crews because volunteers were not available to adequately cover the city’s needs.
Martha, along with Frances Hudson, Frank Leos and Joseph Williams have been involved with McGregor EMS for 30 years. Martha and Frances were charter members and Leos and Williams joined soon after. These men and women no longer make ambulance cal ls, but help provide leadership to the organization.
In order for McGregor to continue having a local ambulance service, the young men and women of this community need to step up and join.
Why should you join? From my past experience as a volunteer I know that the work I did for McGregor EMS was among the most rewarding in my life. I got more than I gave, and I’m sure other volunteers would and have said the same when asked about their volunteer EMS service. Knowing you made a difference between someone living or dying or being able to give comfort is so rewarding.
If you have one evening a week you can give to McGregor EMS, they can train you. Remember minutes count in saving a life. I hope we will not have to rely on a service from Waco to answer our emergencies.
Have a safe Fourth!

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